Roo, the founder of Eternal Clothing Co., was born with a congenital heart defect. In 2014 his doctors told him that he needed a heart and double lung transplant or he would not live to the end of the year.

In order to save his life, he moved with his wife and two little girls from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania where they lived for a year while he waited for the life saving gift of organ donation. They left their jobs, house, church, friends, family, and all of their support behind. He did receive a new heart and lungs in May of 2014!! After a lengthy hospital stay, and a difficult recovery, they finally returned home to Wisconsin that winter. However, they had to travel back to Pennsylvania often due to medical complications. Roo's body was rejecting the new heart and lungs. For a time, they even considered moving back to Pittsburgh because he needed treatment so often.

Through much trial and error his transplant team finally figured out the proper medication to stop his body from rejecting the new organs! Ever since being on this medication he has been rejection free! However, his medications, monthly medical testing and labs, hospital visits, doctors visits and trips back to Pennsylvania for check ups are expensive. Here's where you can help. Please join us in praying for health for Roo, peace for their family, and wisdom for his doctors. If you can, please consider purchasing Eternal gear or donating.

All of the money raised will go towards paying for medication and medical bills, as well as upcoming trips back to Pennsylvania for doctors visits and medical testing. Thank you so much for your support! They truly appreciate all of you!!

Sales and donations from Eternal Clothing Co go to support the Bublitz Family Medical Fund.